We are Ginger Syrup Records

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Welcome to Ginger Syrup Records, a brand new independent record label based in the North East of England.

We exist for music; ’round here we eat sleep and breath it. Once the bastion of the clubland culture The North East is fast reinventing itself with its developing original music scene. Venues thrive across the area, the music courses are full in every university and college and everyone from young to old is writing and recording. That interweb thingamajiggy is everyone’s link to the world and the spirit of the big label is fading away in the wake of a live streaming revolution.

This is where we find ourselves.

This label exists for the music. The artistes provide the music. We provide the setting for that music to reach the world. The label provides in-house state of the art recording facilities combined with a fully equipped live venue with its own special ambience. Working in collaboration with our in-house engineers, producers, photographers and filmmakers we offer our artistes the palette to paint their pictures of the world. after that, what you paint…..well……