Welcome To The Dance Of Chilli Chicken Legs

Band :
Title : Welcome To The Dance Of Chilli Chicken Legs
Release Date : 08/01/2018
Label :
Catalog ref. : 00-1229-90
Format : CD


August 2018 heralds in a brand new album by Gary Wight….

In the current quagmire of over produced pop nonsense a new voice is breaking through the caucophany  to resonate with the souls of true music lovers. Welcome To The Dance of Chilli Chicken Legs is the first solo album by Gary Wight and it is as welcome as a cool breeze on a hot day.

An eclectic cross-genre collection of tracks that takes in jazz, reggae, pop, drum and bass and slow funk  framed by an acoustic sensibility that gives the album its  grounding and backdrop. All tracks are brought into focus by the grown-up, lyrical approach to the well worn topics of love, loss and social comment.  These are the words of a life lived and seen through the looking glass, refracted by a kaleidoscope. Honest and insightful and at the same time elusive, allowing its meaning to tempered by the fire of one’s own experience; combined with a mission to include as many leftfield chord combinations as possible in an attempt to establish  a freshness and yet familiarity with each new song. Even when laying down the groove ,the simplicity is peppered with the unique and brings to mind the greats without being able to pinpoint why. More of an ephemeral essence than homage, at once familiar and new, like slipping into a new pair of shoes to find they are the most comfortable  you have ever worn.

Yet given its originality, there are hooklines a plenty and we guarantee that after a few listens you will find yourself humming them in the bath or whilst walking the dog . These are not tracks of self-aggrandisement or encouragement to go climb a mountain, but observations of a life; and linger in the memory  to be stored for use at a later date.






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